Kari’s History

Kari Walker, South Bay realtor I started my professional career after college as a Registered Nurse. I worked in Intensive Care and the Emergency Room right here in the South Bay. I learned a lot about triaging and priorities but nursing was never what I thought it should be.

As a financially aware adult, I hated to see the money I paid for rent go into a black hole to pay someone else’s mortgage. I was single so I worked 2 jobs for a year and saved enough to purchase my first home.

The problem was, I was not very knowledgeable about the real estate market, and I did not know what questions to ask to get started.

When I did ask questions of Realtors and Lenders, I always felt that the answers were incomplete and not very helpful. I clearly remember one agent telling me “You have to do what you think is right.” How could I do that with so little knowledge??? I did buy a home but the experience haunted me for years.

When I returned to college for an advanced degree, I worked part time for a Realtor as an assistant as well as my full time job. What I realized is that there was a lot of information available, even before the advent of the Internet

At first, it did not occur to me to become a Real Estate agent. I got my license to be more knowledgeable as an assistant. Soon I was on my own and it clicked. I loved working to help people, and Real Estate fascinated me. Especially the financial aspect of sheltering the money you make, and all the other aspects of home ownership, such as being sure the property is maintained to keep its value and increase in value as an investment.

It was a perfect match. I loved working with people, combined with the desire to find and provide information about the Real Estate process.

This, I thought, would make me a great Real Estate agent. I gave up my nursing career in 1986 and started accumulating the experience and knowledge I needed. To this day, I continually attend marketing and Real Estate courses regularly.

My goal is to have 100% of my business come from referrals of happy clients. This would allow me to spend even more time helping the clients I work with. The experience should be similar to when you go to a great restaurant and you tell everyone you know about it. You tell them because you want them to have the same great experience.

If this sounds good to you and you are ready to buy or sell a home, or would simply like some solid advice about real estate, call me, Kari Walker today, to set up a free consultation. (310) 428-5033.

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