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Escrow Officer


In California, buyers and sellers use an third-party escrow. It facilitates the complicated process for everyone involved. So after you have successfully negotiated a contract, We send instructions to escrow. The escrow is a disinterested third party which collects all the paperwork, money, instructions, Deeds, loan papers, etc. Escrow will not act without exact instructions […]



Negotiating has been described as a dance. Two parties each with its own issues and desires…Some of these are clear and obvious and others are hidden or obscure. The business of a negotiation is to satisfy the issues of both parties at the same time…thus the dance. The Basic steps are: Buyer writes his desires […]

Case Shilling May 2012

Los Angeles area Home Prices Stable

According to an article based on the Case Shiller index for May 2012, the property values in Los Angeles are slightly higher as of April.  The index shows that prices have adjusted to their 2003 levels and appear to be trending higher. As you can see from the chart, the so-called “bubble” has adjusted in […]

Housing Recovery

Los Angeles near top of Housing Recovery

According to statistics from the National Association Of Realtors (NAR) the Los Angeles—Long Beach area ranked third in their July 2012 report on the nation’s housing recovery. Median List price: $358,000, up 6.43% from July 2011 Inventory: 23,585, down 29% from from July 2011 Median time on the market: 65 days, down 10% from from […]

Getting a Loan

3 Steps to Getting a Loan

Step 1: Examine your finances Start by determining how much mortgage you can afford. Lenders are apt to put your loan application in the best light and qualify you for as much as they are willing to lend, which can be more than you can afford or need. It’s up to you to take stock […]

Short Sales

Why does a SHORT Sale Take so LONG?

There is a lot of conversation in the news about “Short Sales.” First of all, what exactly is a Short Sale? When a property is worth less on the open market than what is owed on it, it is “upside down” or “under water” and the seller cannot sell it and fully pay off the […]

10 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Home

10 Things You Need to Know When Buying a Home

  When you are thinking of buying a home, you need to do more than fall in love with the kitchen and see if your furniture will fit.  There are lots of reasons to buy rather than rent, but it is not for everyone.     Make sure your credit is good Nothing will de-rail […]

Home for Sale

The Changing Real Estate Market

What is a Buyer’s Market? How does it differ from a Seller’s Market? …So what does that mean to you? Buyer’s Market When there are lots of properties on the market at the same time, the buyer has lots of choices and therefore often has the upper hand in negotiations. He can always go buy […]