Get a Home Inspection!

Home InspectionAfter negotiating an accepted contract on the home of your choice it is recommended that you have the property inspected by a professional Property Inspector.

Most often the contract will allow a reasonable period for this inspection to take place.

The purpose of the inspection is to reveal unknown defects so that you will have the choice to purchase the home, decline to purchase or perhaps reach an accord with the seller and purchase it knowing about the defects.

The inspector’s job is to look at the home with more expertise than you have and without the emotional investment that you may bring. (You know how people in love just cannot see the faults of their loved one.)

The inspection can cost several hundreds of dollars (even more when the home is especially large) and it is an investment well worth making.

Understand, the home is not new, and you would not expect it to be new, however, you would still like to know it there are large expenses in store that you are not expecting.

For instance, you would not expect a new furnace in a 25 year old house, but you would like to know if it is working or about to fall apart.

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