Negotiating has been described as a dance.

NegotiationsTwo parties each with its own issues and desires…Some of these are clear and obvious and others are hidden or obscure. The business of a negotiation is to satisfy the issues of both parties at the same time…thus the dance.

The Basic steps are:

  • Buyer writes his desires in an offer.
  • Realtor presents that offer to the seller.
  • Seller writes his desires in a counter-offer.
  • Buyer writes a counter…Seller…Buyer…Seller
  • Until it’s done.


Just as with dancing, the skill is not in knowing the basic steps, but how you do them, embellish, follow and lead.

It takes skill to:

  • Learn what the hidden or obscure desires are.
  • Find out what makes things important.
  • Know the local market realities and presenting them with skill and consideration.
  • Find alternatives that will satisfy one person’s desires without crushing the other person’s.
  • Craft an arrangement that satisfies everyone.


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