Sandra L. D.

Dear Kari;
Please allow this letter to act as an APPRECIATION NOTE. You had a very difficult time processing our unique situation due to the need forĀ  a short pay from the investors of our loan (Freddie Mac). Because of the existing hardship we were facing, we were no longer able to afford our payments on a property in Gardena that we lived in that we had put a good sum of money & hard work into. We have come out of this with a bad taste in our mouths about purchasing real estate again because it was so incredibly hard to work with the investors, and we are still left paying a sum of money, albeit small in comparison to their first offer, over the next ten years. NONE of this was due to your handling of the property by any means. I give you a lot of credit for just hanging in with this difficult situation, as you also had to do with the buyers you located to purchase our house, who chose to go VA, which brought on its own headaches. Your persistence and understanding, even when I handled you badly because I had had enough of all of this, has given me great respect for you as a human being and I have learned a lot from you in this way.

Should we ever decide to purchase a house again, I will look forward to calling on you to help us with our needs. I know you will stick with the situation no matte how sticky it gets.
You deserve more than a pat on the back!

Sandra L. D.

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